TRAD Safety Systems are the market leader in the design, manufacture and supply of fall safety solutions for the building, construction and maintenance industries. We offer a TOTAL fall safety solutions package. Our class-leading TRAD DECK has made us the largest decking supplier in the country, with over 400,000m2 available.

From innovative products, to our unrivalled depot network and training department, we supply TRAD Deck throughout the UK.

TRAD Deck is an innovative, market-leading fall prevention work platform for traditional build, timber frame and construction projects. TRAD Deck is a working platform not a crash deck and has the same load capacity as a general-purpose scaffold.

As internal fall protection, TRAD Deck is designed to ‘prevent the fall’ rather than ‘mitigate height and consequence’.

What differentiates TRAD Deck:

  • Speed — 2 men can install up to 80m2 of TRAD Deck per hour
  • Strength — TRAD Deck has the same load capacity as general purpose scaffold — 2kn per m2
  • Lightweight — First floor does not need back propping, point load of 16kg per m2
  • Versatile — TRAD Deck is equally suitable for brick and block or timber frame construction
  • Compact & light components of TRAD Deck prevent damage to blockwork when stripping

TRAD Deck is available for hire or purchase throughout the UK from our extensive network of depots.

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Features & Benefits

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TRAD Deck was independently tested by Loughborough University and complies with working at height regulations (BS EN 1811-1 part 3). The system is installed from underneath, eliminating the need to work at height. Handrails and mesh barriers can also be fixed to TRAD Deck.

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A tried and tested solution for more than 10 years, TRAD Deck has a load capacity of 2kN per metre squared – the same as general purpose scaffold.

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This market leading fall prevention solution can be made freestanding. A stair unit can be used to gain access to the decking platform, and hatch units can also be integrated into the safety decking for safe access.

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Fast installation and dismantling saves time and labour. TRAD Deck is quicker to install than a birdcage scaffolding or metal decking system – 2 men can erect 80 metres squared in 1 hour.

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With only three main components, TRAD Deck is easy to erect and dismantle, and can be installed by any trained competent person. The system is versatile and adaptable – 3 panel sizes to reduce laps and various platform heights from 1.5m to 3m are available.

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The profiled, non-slip surface of TRAD Deck provides firm, confident footing in all weathers for both block, and brick and timber frame construction. Available to purchase in a number of colours, and TRAD Deck can even bear company branding.

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Compact transportation and storage – TRAD Deck is lighter and easier to move and load than metal. It is fork-lift friendly and can be stored outside in all weathers. TRAD Deck has more than 8 years durability and is 100% recyclable.

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The lightweight structure of TRAD Deck means that 1st floor does not need back-propping, unlike birdcage scaffolds and metal safety deck systems.

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